September 30, 2017

What summer means  to me is TIME! It means to have extra time to live nature in its finest. To observe flowers, mountains, waterfalls, the sea and river and enjoy these annual spectacles where everyth...

September 10, 2017

La Naturaleza, si no la respetamos y nos separamos de ella, se levanta. 

Las aguas, la tierras, los cielos se enfurecen y igual que nosotros pierden el eje y se convierten en monstruos.

 Estando en Grec...

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MISO por Miami

"El regreso" 

AthinaDivina Expo Oct 2017
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Storm The Chapel
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MISO Digital Concert Hal

Enjoy The Miami Symphony digital concerts for free 

MISO Digital Memories

Remember good times...A night at the museum

MISO Postponed events

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