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Summer is here and July/ August are full of energy to do what you always wanted to put in action. Vi

Photo Anibal Mestre

Talking astrology, we are getting a lot of energy to support things we may want to get done now, so take action! The Feng shui of this summer indicates, it is the month of the feminine, seductive & sexy Chinese goat and magic number is 3 which is my number. Love it, I was born October 3! There are also some constellations telling us it is time, to be courages and although there is caos and confusion around us affecting us, take action and do what you aways wanted to do, you always thought of doing.

Well, I can tell you I really pushed it and got into action in those hot & humid days in Miami and it was not easy to stay balanced & cool but I can sense it, it is the right moment to start on working on these projects I could never do because of other obligations! The summer months, full of strong summer light are very strong but always inspiring.I did some wonderful photo shoots in the top spot in Miami, the amazing Miami Design District and I am happy to announce that also the Miami Symphony has it`s new home here in the trendy and most artistic place in Miami.

The Miami Design District is the place to go to experience best amazing architecture, shops, restaurants, cafés, commerce, culture and now amazing music as well which can be enjoyed through the free open air performances by the Miami Symphony Orchestra with my dear husband Maestro Marturet! You will experience, performances with mind blowing fusions of all kind of genres and conducted & presented in a unique way by conductor & music director Eduardo Marturet in the new season, starting October 20! Lasts concerts brought 4000 people and the audience grows every time more. It is a magic beautiful space created by Craig Robins which has the best art studios & expos, shops and other prestige events, which attracts 1000 ´s of people throughout the year! It has a kind of feeling of Greece sometimes in the sense that you will find the most incredible spots to visit and make pictures but mixed with the most high end modern architecture & art. The new Estefan kitchen, is an elegant new Restaurant by Emilio Estefan serving gourmet, light cuban cuisine which is worth while to visit. Love, the home made chicken soup and cebiche! Another restaurant which I like, is the greek Mandolin Restaurant with homemade fresh food every day and in OTL Mia café I love the avocado toast and great coffee!

You will find shops as Louis Vuitton giving a discount of 70 % discount in their summer sales there and really beautiful shops as the Celine Store or Bvlgari store and much more is going to come soon, to make this unique open air mind blowing comercial center even more attractive! To see the Miami Symphony`s first amazing event on october 20, see more info in

If you come to Miami, do not miss to enjoy Miami Design District #ADDM and our performances ta Palm Court.

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