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CoverGOQUI May2024
CoverGOQUI May2024
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CNN Interviewing Eduardo Marturet at Miami Design District

CNN Interviewing Eduardo Marturet & his wife actress Athina at Miami Design District Miami Symphony Pop Up Series presenting amazing music & best performances

Marturet:  Maestro Eduardo Marturet of the Miami Symphony Orchestra (MISO) once said that "ultimately MISO belongs to the community, and our job is to raise the artistic level each and every year.”  In its latest pop-up series the internationally respected conductor and professional symphony are keeping their promise with free open-air concerts in the heart of the Miami Design District.  Mark your calendars for the next events and prepare for an evening of discovery along with some of the greatest classical masters of all-time.  

Athina: We transported a Symphony Hall to the Design District and play our performances open air in this highly artistic and fashion wonderful space. Craig Robins understood it`s value form the first glance! As he says: we bring amazing music, innovative, fresh performances to this thrilling new space full of best art, best fashion &great food. A perfect place for the Maestro to show his way of transforming classical music into something new, highly entertaining and so miami

Miami: Today the Heart in Hands award touched our hearts and inspired us to continuo to support #nomoretears in the fight against #humantrafficking and #domesticviolence  Congrats to our Iran Issa Khan and Criselda Breene for receiving the Heart in Hands Awards.Thank your for introducing me to this amazing organization we all must support.

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