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Silvia Tcherassi Collections

She has a ready-to-wear line that stands out for her high quality materials and refined designs and as well 3 more amazing brands extensions such as, a luxurious evening gown line which is absolutely beautiful, feminine and yet so modern and extravagant, a luxurious bedding line and the Hotel in Colombia.

I met Silvia some years ago in Miami and her originality & style hit me. She had this highend amazing creative fashion sense, which characterizes the big South American designers who made it internationally as Carolina Herrera and Angel Sanchez, but yet with her very own magical style.

I Love her philosophy. Now after so many years she is one of most acclaimed figures of South American fashion & lifestyle and a role model for the new generation. Love her book Effortless Elegance. Her last Collection 2017 is just amazingly delicate and shows how much ahead she is.

Her store and her atelier`s in Miami are worthwhile to visit.

Photo credit: Sharon Levy Toledano

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