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A dream come true: to have 1000 Bags for every moment and occasion

I love to observe fashion & trends, no matter if it is on the streets, at events or shopping online. It is so inspiring to watch and analyze different products, brands and shops. To see how they present high quality products and brands, they thrill me the same way as when I see great art, film or hear music.

I don’t know you, but Fashion really makes me happy. For me, going shopping is like meditating. To see trends, materials and outfits, really relaxes me and makes all my problems go away.

Getting an outfit I like, makes me happy, inspires me and lifts me up.

A new outfit is never complete without the right accessories, like a matching bag. But the right bag, of course, has to match with your own style, just as it is with shoes , you know, things we can never have enough. Right girls?

The dream all of us girls have, is to have a huge closet full of 1000 bags to wear any time, anywhere and for each occasion. That would be the ultra thing.

In Giuliette Store you will find any style for your incredible look no matter if you need to be sexy, more formal, chic, trendy, practical, sportive, a night out, leather or cruelty free. The bag goes with our mood and Giuliette carries them all. For a romantic night, a day full of activity and business, to go to the beach, to the gym or simply having coffee with your girl friends, you will find a unique design for every situation. You will always be super in and find designs from made out of gum for alternative people (cruelty free) to the very glam Giuliette models. And best of all, they are happy and they carry all the colors I like!

I love to have new bags for all my different activities, such as going to my yoga classes, meditation, dancing classes or something a bit more elegant for business meetings, because they also let me organize and prepare myself for each occasion... in the end get into the vibration I need. The bag is the perfect and necessary accessory to highlight every look and as goddesses we are, for all or our moods we need the right bag to join us.

Our attitude controls our life moods and a good bag is always able to change these moods in something positive. See how important it is? A positive attitude is the main thing of a goddess, so live your present, live your new story each time with a new exclusive Giuliette Store bag.

They are made in Italy, they have all kind of unique designs and they are super trendy.

As busy girls we all are, it is wonderful to be able to check them and buy them really fast. You can see new options, trends and discounts. To renew oneself and renew the look is something which energizes so much.

If you run a business and you have opportunities in mind, don’t hesitate in contacting them and mention this post to receive great surprises¡¡¡¡

Photography Elio Escalante

Creative Concept and Marketing Direction Ruben Garcia @ Your Service

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