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My Giuliette bag, best Feng Shui !!!!

Photo Elio Escalante

Giuliette carries bags for every mood and also has all colors of the Feng-Shui for this year 2017! Spectacular!

This New Chinese year is the one of the Fire Roaster and it is now that we really feel the energies of the year, although it entered in February.

You saw my dream of having 1000 bags for every occasion made true by Giuliette and another dream is to be in synchronicity with the colors of the Feng-Shui ¡Too much!

My friends know I love the Feng-Shui and if you observe the tendencies all around us, you can see how the Feng-Shui reflects this on fashion as well. The New Chinese year of the Fire Roaster and YIN element talks about colors as red, yellow, brown, gold and silver and all colors of fire. They are the colors which suddenly take our attention and for one reason we feel attracted to them.

This year I specially like colors so much and gold & silver. I would never imagine how much I could love red and yellow this year. For the Feng Shui this colors are of the most auspicious ones.

The red color is the south and brings success and fame! Wow, I love it with white! So breathtaking and yes with black, it is a classic!

Did you see the eye-catching bags in Giuliette store? So striking!!

According to the Feng-Shui the element of the year is the metal, which is always missing to people and on our earth. It brings us luck! You know, the moment, when you find a coin on the street? The coins people have always thrown in the fountain Rome? Coins bring luck and good things and even love!!!

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