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Springtime again! Our world in transition with structures breaking everywhere. Look what is happenin

photo Anibal Mestre

We need the new! There is so much to do, to heal, to work on in this so unstable times and it is not easy, but there is no going back. We are in transition! This are chaotic times with very tough things happening everywhere in our world. This time I want to focus on Venezuela. Past are the times back in Caracas where I shooted the most greatest pictures for Front covers as the one pictured here with photographer Anibal Mestre. So much talent now fleeing this country totally destroyed. Venezuela has been shaken by extremely violent protests. Opposition consisting of students and the Venezuelan people have been protesting against president Maduro and his supporters. Too many innocent people have been killed and are been tortured as we speak. Most of them are students & young people. The government does not want to accept new elections.Their repression on the protesters has been too cruel and violent. Tear gas bombs, far over expiration date, mixed with other dangerous ingredients, shooting students in horrific ways and so much more brutalities, can be seen in Instagram, Facebook and social media. Students and other pacific protesters are taken to prison, but many other are just taken to a corner, put in line, shot and thrown into the river crossing Caracas. Others just disappear. Their parents are made believe they are somewhere in prison. Venezuelan National Guards are shooting all kind of things as big marbles at venezuelan citizens, killing many directly. Snipers just target protesters and shoot them. What you can witness in social media every day is horrific and really reminds of dark moment in our history. What the people in Venezuela want is simple. They want food, medicine and democracy. A country full of natural resources, specially oil, in 20 years has been systematically dismantled by 2 socialist or better fascists Dictators. Economic mismanagement, nationalization and expropriation of private enterprise, huge corruption and impunity are some of the reason which led Venezuela into the poorest nation in America. A true state of horror, with cruelty and brutality happening every minute and all the powers removed from the opposition. The supreme Court filled with regime cronies and all pro democracy voices has been silenced by imprisonment and torture, Venezuelan is leaving a humanitarian crisis not easy to describe. The medical system is collapsing, diseases spreading and no food to find. Kidnapping for ransom at daily basis is just common. Chaos, anarchy, helplessness, darkness! The press does not exist anymore. Just a National TV station controlled by the government presenting lies. The desperation is high and many people flee the country, but many others decided to protest politically with no arms, only wearing gas masks. Since April this is going on and every time protests have been more & more brutally oppressed by the government.The regime`s security forces restrict access to Caracas in every march and put their armed gangs called “colectivos" to attack the peaceful pro-democracy protestors. Medicine and food sent from abroad to Venezuela is just being confiscated by the government. They just do not let it pass through. On social media you can see how they harass, shoot and kill not only protesters, anyone they do not like. They get into houses, hospitals and university and take the students and Venezuelan people with them. Knowing Venezuela and the Venezuelan people it is very difficult to understand such a inhumane, cruel behavior. The Venezuelan was always known as genuine good, very nice people. It is no secret that we are in war in Venezuela and the cuban government is helping Maduro. They send their ¨know How” to Venezuela by sending them their trained people to help more systematically kill and torture the pacific opposition. A very dense, very low, inhumane energy. We need to to a huge healing to our world. To connect to nature, beauty, art & music, spirituality elevates us and makes us strong so we can go on working on constructing our new world. Pray for Venezuela! Send light to Venezuela. Spread the word of what is going on there. Join us every day in prayers in Spanish at 9 pm in Periscope with healer @santiagobonora Even if you do not speak Spanish, you can join and feel the positive energy created. Love & Light to all Athina

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