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Athina Divina -Inspired-

See me in my Athina Divina video at Temple Cap Sounion done with the help of my nephew Mishal Al Faisal and film director Stammis Chris. Love you guys!

Chiron was a centaur. The centaurus in greek mythology were creatures which have the body and torso of a horse, head and arms of a man. They lived in the forest in Thessaly. They presented barbarism and chaos, but Chiron was different. He was wise and a healer. He helped people heal with alternative medicine. He made people whole again. This is what we need to do in our world. We need to heal our world. We need to make our world whole again.

What a coincidence and how convenient, that right now I am leaving for Greece again and thinking of presenting you my video Athina Divina, this is happening. In astrology Chiron is going retrograde and this means we can look backward. This constellation takes us back like one year or two, which means we are back to may 26 until august 2016. A time where we are asked to heal, to forgive, to wake up. Here we are again. Please watch the video and see the message I got form the gods, stepping into the temple of Cap Sounion on that day:

Some time ago I lived in Greece for 2 years. In that time I visit many times this beautiful temple. I went to this temple to meditate, to get answers, for inspiration. I remember once going there with friends, with my friend, healer Michalis Ayropoulos . We went by full moon at night. Back then there where no guides or gates like today. I danced on a huge stone in the middle of the temple in the moon light my special dance. It felt so good! It was so magic & inspiring! Now after some years I went back again and got an amazing insight. It was like getting a message from …the gods? It was suddenly all so clear!!!!! Greece is in ruins and so are we! We have to recuperate the ruins, reconnect to ecology, to nature. The nature is us .We lost our north. We are out of axis! The cradle of civilization is really long forgotten, we lost what they teach us. The simplicity of live. The connection with nature is lost. Our values are lost.

The Gods are crying, because nobody is worshiping them anymore. That is another symbol and beautiful message which made suddenly so much sense to me. It might be difficult for some who believe in one god, in one religion, but I mean it metaphorically; we have to understand that the energy left by the greek gods is still there and if we ignore it, we are missing a part of the ancient spirituality of the world.

Our world is in crisis, completely out of sync and so are we. This crisis is personal, not global. It starts with us. We have to recuperate the order inside us and around us. We have to heal. We have to reconnect with our real nature again, with our origen, this connection of the human with the gods, the real maternity, real fertility. We have to reconcile with nature again, with our family, with our origen, ancestors, friends & colleagues. Every thing has to be more simple again, our food, our lives, our relation ships.

We have to respect everything again purely & deeply.The world around us is the reflexion of what we are! Greece is so very beautiful and shows fragments of this so pure, simple way of life everywhere, yet is affected itself.

We all love it, but yet can not grab it anymore. We leave and forget and many who live there, are like in a fog and can only see through occasionally. We have to recuperate our values and be humans again with new values, respect and spiritual growth.

As Epicure said, we need to breath, to live, eat, have a place to sleep but we also need to feel, live, enjoy and contemplate. More than ever we have to return to the classic Greece, recuperate the ancient philosophy and apply them. We have to be better people, with high values and morals again. This is the real revolution of our time. Ignorance, egoism & greed are the death of our world.

compassioncompassion.awareness, love, fun & compasion.compasion.

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