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Two strong eclipses opening a portal and a tremendous opportunity to progress spirituality

A great moment to forgive, reconnect with friends from the past ...

The first intense eclipse was on august , opening a portal giving us tremendous insights and opportunity for spiritual growth. Suddenly ideas pop up of new plans and making those new goals for our lives and strange dreams appear sending us messages. This is the best time to think of everything around you very carefully and check how to proceed now and with whom and what.

We are heading to the next eclipse which is august 21 and here in the northern mountain in Greece I have experienced really interesting things, some very beautiful and reconnecting with family and friends and others quite crazy and chaotic but all together very telling and it seems certain things got more and more clear to me.

I am also working with The Rosen method therapist Beata Balogh which I believe brought all my hidden things more to the surface. But that is another article I am going to post soon! For now let me tell you this story from yesterday night:

A dear friend Alexander invited me and my husband to meet a dear friend called Ianni and his people he incidentally found yesterday in this beautiful place called Parga where I am spending my summer vacation. Ianni is a friend with whom he lived exciting and adventurous things 30 years ago working as a sky diving teacher in an resort on an island. They were very good friends and sticked together handling a rude boss and others. Ianni married and had 2 children. My friend for a time trained his wife in waterski and she was very excellent at it, but then they lost contact. She died 6 month ago and heart broken Ianni accepted his friends offer to sail around in the greeks seas. They anchored in Parga, not knowing his friend Alexander he had not seen since, was living here and in charge of so many things in this beautiful town. When Alexander saw him first he was not sure to have his great friend in front of him, but then quickly they recognized each other and kept together for hours, talking, crying and reconnecting.

Alexander invited us and other very close friends that night to celebrate his re- encounter with his friend and it was so strong and beautiful that the rest of the group bonded that night. We hugged, kissed, got emotional cried… and talked about life, of the past, of forgiving, moving on…. It was very beautiful and the awareness of having friends was stronger then ever. Life is much more simple and we make it so complicated.

I had strong insights last night, of what really matters, of how I would like to go on living my life and what I do not want in life and of how important to move on and not stay in a situation which limits you.

They are still 6 days of these intense days ahead to the next eclipse…

Love & light to all


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