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Backpack Mania with Giuliette

Beautiful, cosmopolitan and trendy!

I am living the summer full of blue sky and lots of this so amazing, very special light, here in Greece. I started the summer in Miami and then went to Mykonos, Athens and now I am in the beautiful Parga in the north of Greece. Angelina Jolie and Keanu Reeves just visited this pure marvelous place as well. I saw their yacht down in Parga!

White cities and Greek churches emerging everywhere on islands, on the main land, on rocky bays. What breathtaking views and green mountains and incredible places full of art, culture and mystic. So many different blue deep cold waters and different greens of all colors, fantastic smell of jasmine flowers, pine trees, greek freshly ground coffee, sound of the waves breaking around the reefs, sunsets, mind blowing temples and meeting so many people from everywhere, all in a relax summer mood.

You can sense vibes from Europe, Asia, Africa and USA in one…so amazing! Summer time for me means walking a lot and doing many things during the day. All these sightseeings, going to the beach, having coffee with friends and unforgettable nights out.

Being comfortable is key and that is why I love the trendy Backpack`s by Giuliette. Having one of this high quality trendy backpacks by Giuliette on my back means my hands are free to post and have an ice cold Fredo Cappuchino at the same time. Poli Kala!

…and even man love them. I had a lot of guys in miami and here in Greece asking me where to buy them for their wife`s or girlfriends. I told them

Just go to and get one!

Happy summer


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