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All you have to do is open your heart and love. My body, mind & soul work with Rosen Method ther

Beata worked on me with her gentle touch. She put me to relax deeply on a simple massage table in a unadorned, very zen space with the most beautiful view overlooking Parga's main picturesque harbor with its deep blue sea and its white church on the little island right before you.

As she worked on me, I relaxed more and more and got very aware of the tensions in my body. Breathing better or not at all (sometimes I even stopped breathing), I could feel how my stress slowly left more and more and I could finally let go. She started to work on my left side and the image of what I was holding there, was mind blowing. I felt almost crippled! The left leg was shorter and pointing inside. I could not entirely straighten it. It almost cramped. I could feel the whole left side from the toes to my head over stressed. I knew this side was associated to the feminine side. The right is the masculine, so they say. Was it, that in the tough business world, I forgot to be a woman? Possible! The truth is, I kept pushing it very much this year and my body was sending me all these messages. My left feminine side was rebelling and telling me, slow down, let it go and asked for help. Be a woman…! I felt like a lightening stroke me and the over charge I got tensioned my body and specially my legs and feet. Wow, how clear was the image suddenly. It was time to slow down and what the heck…some fewer emails and responsibility will not kill anybody!Yes, I really had to let go of those things where I was pushing to much and taking in too much. Super woman has to be more down to earth, wise, feminine and learn to receive!

When Betty worked on the left side on my back, on the trapecios, behind the back, I felt so much tension. Beata explained me that in Rosen method this is the place behind the heart and your betrayal zone. I thought, who betrayed me when I was young? Who betrayed you maybe in your business world. Who from your loved ones?

I had another image and it was of a sealed tomb. Nothing could get in nor out! I completely shut it down and then, out of the blue, I had this incredible wow moment! You have to open up totally and fill yourself with love and send out love! All you have to do is to open you heart and love and love and everything changes, heals and moves to the positive!!!!!

Beata Balogh is a certified Rosen Method Practitioner studied at Axelson Bodywork School in Finland

her whatsupp is +306976447775

Other Benefits of Rosen Method are:

Release of Physical tension and pain

Greater ease in the breath

Deep relaxation

Better sleep. increased sense of well-being and new choices in life.

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