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What summer means to me is time to enjoy and appreciate nature, family, friends and something more.

What summer means to me is TIME! It means to have extra time to live nature in its finest. To observe flowers, mountains, waterfalls, the sea and river and enjoy these annual spectacles where everything flourishes and is being born. What an incredible delight to reap you own organic cultivation such as herbs, fruits, vegetables and flowers! To eat figs from your garden, olives, free range eggs, your own home made cheese and wine, is just beyond and a luxury.

To wake up every morning and find new lemons, figs, almonds, pears, pomegranates ready to pick, is something, which gives such a blessed feeling. Smelling the perfume of each, observing the color and shape, is just the ultimate. I really believe, an organic garden is the perfect scenography for a healthy and balanced person. It really puts you down to earth, energizes and heals you.

Apart from those delights, summer also means sharing with family and friends more closely. Being able to enjoy all this with good friends multiplies all these sensations even more. To give attention to each other, express admiration, love and respect is so uplifting and makes us understand that there is no other thing more important. We are all one and also one with nature and our planet. I really spent this summer 2017 with amazing people, which filled me with pride and hope for a better world and not one full of problems and lack of values.

My dear friend Tasos Papanicolaou is one of those special beings.

He is the mayor of a small beautiful and magic touristic town called Parga in Epirus, in the north of Greece.

An highly educated noble spirit full of light who loves the sea, earth and knows to be a great friend and help to so many. He is a kind of Indiana Jones, a strong Athlete, an amazing experienced diver, a powerful teacher and a wonderful leader, yet such a humble and kind and generous person. There is no task he would not do or would be too complicated for him, to save a friend ship or a city from destruction. Like his father before, he is trained in politics and diplomacy as well and his warrior instinct is right there. He is this kind of a person, that if no one is ready to help, he himself gets some friends together and cleans the beaches or the streets of Parga. A large tube which brings waste or into the sea (we should not have a single one,..) is broken and needs divers to fix it, he is the first in the mission to go down the water and inspect it. Light bulbs broken on the main Parga Boulevard, Tasos is the one who will fix it himself. Behind my house the street to a lovely beach was broken, guess who made people to fix it? He also does his own cultivation of olive oil, lemons and wine as many Greeks but his vision goes much more far: Without connecting the right people you do not accomplish much is his mantra.

Tasso unites very special people from all over and creates awareness about the simplest things, we in the big city, often forget!

Behind people like him, we know, must be a woman who understands this kind of a man. His great girl friend Dimitra is another one. She works as a microbiology teacher in the university of Ioanina and is another connecter and lovely spirit who supports him with her amazing family and other friends full of mindfulness.

We live in a changing world and have to wake up and help creating a better world than the one we live in. I am so grateful of meeting through him so many beautiful and gifted people, full of values and totally conscious that we have to unite much more and live more healthy and balanced to transform our world into a healthy and vibrant one again.

One of these beautiful people are the Heierman/Kaufman Family. The german Bodo Heiermann and his beautiful wife, canadian Lorraine Kaufman love & live nature.

He is one of those new, alternative businessmen with vision. He is the project manager of Planet Biogas and she is a naturopath and homeopath who loves all alternative. She has 2 beautiful, healthy, lovely zen and talented daughters Serene and Oceana who enjoy socializing with everyone, the same way as for example helping to reap the grapes. Girls, which have lovely skin and eat healthy and do not need TV and Handy phones all the time. We need more of these people.

Bodo explains that the Biogas he creates from natural waste with the Planet Bio gas companies can be converted into electricity and heat and be used as fuel. It is exactly like natural gas and easy and flexible to use and store. This substitution of electricity and heat from fossil fuels helps saving also Carbon dioxide and there are many other advantages which add to this ecological new business.

Lorraine is one of my kind. She is a wonderful homeopathic practitioner and knows a lot about alternative food, preparation and alternative lifestyle. You always learn a lot o new and laugh a lot with her.

It was a wonderful time with so many beautiful and wise people. Thank you for a most wonderful experience and best vibes this summer 2017!

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