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Bio Athina Klioumi de Marturet

Considered by critics and directors as a successful actress, producer, fashion Icon,

philanthropist, writer and editor of AthinaDivina.

Athina was born in Berlin, daughter of Greek parents who migrated to Germany and left for Peru, Egypt and later to Venezuela, where her father Spiros Klioumis worked as a successful geologist and her mother Parthena as an homeopathic physician. At 12 she lived in Cairo which fired her imagination and all the romantic experiences living there inspires her throughout her life and it is where she starts to be followed by producers and agents and is admired for her early beauty which resulted in a first commercial for a famous brand and being a contestant at the Miss Teen Pageant in Alexandria/Egypt she won. She studied microbiology and then marketing in Hannover/Germany. At the university she gave oriental dance classes and yoga and participated in high budget features. Married to Eduardo Marturet, Music Director & Conductor of the Miami Symphony Orchestra. Known for her performance as Princess Scheherazade in Miami’s Knight Concert Hall. She also performed with standing ovations as narrator in presentations as “The Beatles” and “The Carnival of the Animals". Music for the Screen, Golden Sounds from Hollywood and Miso-Chic were outstanding performances she performed with several orchestras. Since very young she already performed in theater plays and films in all countries until she happened to study acting professionally in Venezuela. She starts studying acting and drama with great personalities in the world of cinematography and TV. Her first appearance as a leading character was in a popular TV Series called The Golden Cycle of Romulo Gallegos directed by Cesar Bolívar for RCTV and a musical video shot first time in Venezuela in film version who accompanied her to a International Talent Pageant in Miami where she won the award of " The Most Beautiful Face of the World. "She went to Paris for 6 month and then to Greece continuing her preparation as actress working in a Greek soap. She lived one year in Japan where she improved her Kendo martial arts technique and learned Japanese. This lead her into a great campaign for furs. For 8 consecutive years she is the face of Max Factor in South America. En Venezuela she is being one of the muses of the celebrated icon of cinematography, director Diego Rísquez.

Preparing her roles with perfection and discipline she has shined in recognized performances showing her great acting potential. She has been always careful and selective at the moment of choosing her roles and projects while keeping herself busy by training constantly. She is also known for her ability to speak several languages and their various accents.

Her charming curiosity has been the essence of an enchanting personality and always being herself.

She lived in Germany, Egypt, Greece, France, Japan and Venezuela, which is the reason why she speaks these languages from a very young age. From Greek parents, born in Germany and with a Venezuelan soul, “Venezuela always marked my passion for acting”.

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