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A homage to Zaha Hadid-The Poetry of Music And Design #atMDD with @miamisymphony

Miami Symphony and the Design District in association with the Zaha Hadid Foundation


"THE POETRY OF MUSIC AND DESIGN", an Homage to Zaha Hadid _______

What a unique event it was…OH my god! It was something out of this world, this musical offering at the amazing Moore Building at the fabulous Miami Design District as an homage to the world famous architect Zaha Hadid. The Miami Symphony Orchestra and its music director and conductor Eduardo Marturet offered a performance inspired by Zaha Hadid's work and her installation for the Moore Building, a white amazing sculpture called Elastika. Marked by the musical repertoire and visual elements related to the poetry of design and music. Among them was the music of "@ Zaha's Place" composed and dedicated by Maestro Eduardo Marturet to the famous architect. To listen to these sounds which Maestro Marturet composed for her inspired in her space in Miami, was an extraordinary experience. This music is being played in many different places all around the world. You can find @ Zaha`s Place music composed by Marturet in galleries, wellness centers and as been confirmed by so many , it calms autistic children, makes you more relax and very creative. It is in effect a study of the Maestro who works on this kind of music since more than 30 years. You can find it on iTunes and Amazon. The moderator of the Pre-Concert Talk was Craig Robins. He is an American entrepreneur, real estate developer, art collector and philanthropists and the developer of the Miami Design District . He was leading the panel with personalities as Princess Firyal of Jordan and celebrity photographer Iran Issa-Khan, both best friends of Zaha Hadid. In the entrance of the venue there was a special installation created for the occasion by artist Sandra Muss Called Nür "which is the Arabic word for Light, creating a divine integration between music, art and the audience.

The program was majestically prepared and conducted by Eduardo Marturet. One piece was more thrilling than the other. It was a huge crescendo…. the way Maestro performed all the music and how he moderated the program. It was something out of our dimension indeed and so full of charm and elegance.

One of his specialty is his way of conducting Holst’s piece called “Mars and Jupiter (from the Planets).” It sounded as John Williams together with Karajan and Furtwaengler would have joined. Unbelievable indeed! What a bomb! Very movie like music composed in 1940 by this composer. Eduardo Marturet`s movements and his aura were pure bliss to watch and what a know how and great sensitivity. Then something really totally risky was on the menu. Marvelous!! Cage - 4.33, a South Florida mind blowing premiere. Minutes of silence conducting. Yes, Eduardo Marturet conducted in silence,……Sublime!!! What a experience and insight. Just too much!!!!!A unique performance which elevated everyone to higher realms. Celebrities, entreprenuers, developers, fashionistas and art & music lovers gave standing ovations and seemed to be in trance…

A highly artistic, avangarde and magic performance. The Miami Symphony sounded amazing under Zaha`s huge white beautiful sculpture and so did the singer Toomey Sellars and Veroslav Taskov as soloists.

Marturet in his outfit and cool shoes by Donald Pliner looked not only royal he conducted as such. It was an absolutely magic musical offering and we are sure Zaha would have loved it! Best performance ever experienced. Thank you to all!!!

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