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The influence and effects of the planet Mercury when it goes retrograde

Mercury is going retrograde on July 26 and I always respected this planet and its influence and have studied it quite some time throughout my acting career and working with projects of all kind. Mercury goes direct again on August 20.

Here you are getting some basic information on how the planet Mercury affects and influences our lives and activities when its orbit turns into retrograde motion *.

With regards to initiating something new like launching for example a video/film on social media, ideally it should launch before July 25 in order to have the maximum potential and outcome. If it is not ready by then it would be much wiser to launch it after August 20.

In the world of film business, when Mercury is retrograde, camera men and crew members already know this means to re-check everything carefully in order to avoid mistakes and surprises. You may film, but most likely you would find out afterwards that the sound was bad, or may encounter camera crashes, as do computers, flight schedules get messed resulting in shooting delays, and many more accidents happening. Mercury can create a big mess, misunderstandings, delays, and affect all communication and create disruptions on electrical things. We also get confused easily. Having to do things in Mercury retrograde means the need to recheck everything more carefully than ever. To do things you normally do, such as recurring events, would be o.k, if you really take care of the details, but something new should never be done during that time. Do not sign, nor launch anything new during that time, because the energy during that time is confusing and prone to big mistakes and misunderstandings.

From July 26th to August 20th

Mercury (our thoughts, perceptions, and communication style) enters its retrograde phase on July 26 and goes direct on August 20.

Mercury rules our thoughts, perceptions, and ideas, as well as communication, short distant travel, transportation and trade, our local neighborhood, and our interactions with family members.

All these areas are affected when Mercury is in its retrograde orbit and in its shadow.

Is there any cure for a Mercury retrograde influence? Not in our planet.This planets influences us as does the Moon and the Sun. The Moon has influence on our sea (low tide), the Sun on our planet, and, we can not escape the planets…!

I am fully aware that all this can sound really weird for someone who is not familiar with astrology and its influence on human behavior but, as I mentioned to you this morning, we all want this project to have the full potential it already carries with as little obstacles as possible.

* = Retrograde motion is an APPARENT change in the movement of the planet through the sky. It is not REAL in that the planet does not physically start moving backwards in its orbit. It just appears to do so because of the relative positions of the planet and Earth and how they are moving around the Sun.

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photo Anibal Mestre at Miami Design District, dress Silvia Tcherassi, make up Mariela Bagnato

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