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Happy Solstice 2018

Happy Solstice to all!

It is a change of season and if we take this powerful moment, it can help us to shift our life into the new. Let's leave the past, the old and move towards our new intentions. You can renew and freshen up your life now!

I love to connect with magic and it makes me feel grounded. A great way to connect with magic and set those new intentions is by doing a ritual. One of my rituals is to write my new intentions on small papers and burn them in a metal bowl one by one, while focusing on them strongly. You can do it in nature or on your balcony. Pls. take care of the fire. Love to all! Photo by Anibal Mestre shot in New York in the atelier of designer Naeem Khan, make up Eibar Young, hair Armandeus

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