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Lucky colors 2019

photography Anibal Mestre, make up Eibar Young, dress Naeem Khan

Does it happen to you, that every now and then you prefer different colors? For example I can feel that I like very much white again, always one of my favorite colors, but now I am specially attracted to it. The same happens with blush pink, which for a long time I did not use very much, but absolutely love again. Red and orange were always colors which I used with caution. This year I love to wear them again any time. Interesting is to see what colors the Feng shui dictates this year: 1- blush pink 2- lavanda suave 3- terracota /red 4- coral orange 5- butter yellow 6- warm grey 7- white.

Why these colors? The feng shui element this year is earth and it is the Year of the Pig. Last year we had the same element. The Year of the Dog had also the earth element, but with yang energy, which is a more masculine, active and bold one compared to the one of this year, which has the yin energy. This means that this year we have a more quite, calming and soothing energy. The new Chinese Year of the Pig starts Febrero 5, 2019! The feng shui element earth is nourished by the fire element and yin energy colors. These are the colors which will bring us luck and great energy this year 2019! This applies as well to our accessories, house decor, car and working space. Crystals are highly beneficial in general and specially for a year with the element earth. To use them as jewelry or in your house, would activate the good energy. Use: rose quartz, selenite, citrine, amethyst, amber, honey color quartz.

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