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"Storm the Chapel" to take MIAMI by storm


"Storm the Chapel" to take MIAMI by storm

The short romantic comedy, Storm the Chapel, had its debut in the Miami’s Design District during the Miami Film Festival week, March 9, 2019, 6 pm

"Storm the Chapel" came together when actress

Athina Klioumi visited the Miami acting studio to train for her new Netflix

series to come, meeting fellow actors and new talent with whom she bonded quickly.

It was there, where she met actor student Oscar Bustillo who had an idea of shooting a scene and this brought them to embark on doing this fun project.

Together they elaborated a nice and fun script and set up the project. As executive directors Athina brought her friend, film director/cinematographer Gabriela Nunez and Oscar brought in the financial support. Many more friends were to join and cooperated with the project.

The music of " Storm the Chapel” was composed & conducted by Eduardo Marturet and recorded by The Miami Symphony Orchestra. New talent Zavier Jacobs composed the main electric guitar theme and contributed to the wall art.

This quirky short film is set in Miami’s art world, and focuses on Greek artist Sophia Papadopoulos, played by actress Athina Klioumi, an adventurous free-spirit who takes on Jack Montaine (Oscar Bustillo)—mild-mannered but passionate, Jack is also exploring what life’s possibilities Miami might offer. Their friends and family show support and love, and fun times—and they REALLY want to be there for the wedding.

Hearts and love take over and win, even if Jack forgets the cakie for Mrs. Papadopoulos. “Where is the Cakie?” and some other issues have to be resolved first as well. At moments it seems complicated, but then…. Who will witness their union? Join Sophia and Jack at the chapel to champion love and

freedom in Miami.


Starring Athina Klioumi, Oscar Bustillo.


Kevin Pombar as Leo

Alicia Knoepfel as Mrs. Papadopoulus

Miguel Martinez as Mick

Jaime Orozco as Uncle Miklos

Ricardo Burgos as Uncle Dimitris

Isabel Balboa as Lisa

Jim hall as Jack`s father

Matteo Borgomanero as Marcelo

Marcelo`s girl friend Hazel Bryanna

The Gurus Carlos Anaya and Jose Ibanez

Maria D. Soto and Andy Grille as Art Buyers The Mendoza

Shaconna E.Derico as Pili art buyer and friend of Sophia

Alicia Knoepfel, Jaime Orozco, Miguel Martinez, Matteo Borgomanero,Hazel Bryanna Miki Humo, Shaconna E. Derico, Ileana Contreras, Ricardo Burgos, Jim Hall, Carlos Anaya, Jose Ibanez, Isabel Balboa, Stefanie Riviera, Maria Soto, Andres Grille, Gustavo Nunez,Yipsi Sanchez, Jennifer Sanchez, Nicolas Kreps, Nicolas ¨Bambino¨ Howard, Yipsi Sanche.

Asistant Director and Sound: Miguel ¨Miki¨Umerez

Second Assistant Director Johannes Quiles

Artist: Gustavo Fernandez( Sophia`s painting)

Nick Callesis (greek dance instructor)

Gustavo Nunez ( dancer)

Miguel Martinez Junior (greek dancer)

Production sponsors: Kevin Pombar, Miguel Martinez, Jaime Orozco, Cafecito Espiritual

Special thanks to

Miami Symphony Orchestra

Miami Acting Studio

Kevin Pombar and Family

Miami Design District

Art & Design Gallery/ Marilia Cavalcanti

Cafecito Espiritual

Carlos Anaya

José Ibañez

Harry`s Pizza

Salon Armandeus Brickell

Mariela Bagnato make up & styling

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