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Berlin/ Germany my home town/Ich bin Eine Berlinerin!!!

The City of Berlin in Germany is my home town. I was born there and always love to visit it again. My husband the conductor Eduardo Marturet often performs with the Berliner Symphoniker in the Berliner Philharmonie Grand Concert Hall Germany, just west of the former Berlin Wall on the Herbert von Karajan Strasse, named after the longest serving conductor of this cultural institution. It is also close to the Postdammer Platz and not far is the famous Brandenburger Tor, all worthwhile to visit. Berlin means also seeing my family and friends there and all together enjoying the amazing concerts by Eduardo with this great German orchestra.

A long time ago my parents escaped through the wall from East to West Germany and from there we moved to places like Peru, Egypt, Venezuela and other countries. Berlin means many things for them and lots of memories always come up. Eduardo has conducted for more than 30 years this German orchestra, more than 60 performances and albums were recorded. We did a very successful Berliner Latin tour through all South America with this Orchestra sponsored by Deutsche Bank and the musicians still remember it. I myself have also performed with this orchestra in this same beautiful Hall presenting in German language :"The Carnaval of the Animals" and "The orchestra guide to the Beatles “.

This come back concert of Eduardo with the Berlin Symphony was just beyond wonderful. He received uncountable standing ovations from the wonderful audience in this grand German symphony hall in Berlin.

We also remembered when the maestro of the famous ¨El sistema¨organization Jose Antonio Abreu, together with our friend, conductor Gustavo Dudamel visited us there with conductor Simon Rattle and many of the musicians had their own memories witch they shared with us. How nice to reconnect!!!!

Wonderful memories this year and it seems a new cicle connecting all, is starting.

May it be so!!!


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